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Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive Skin

The type having fine and fair tissue due to excessive nourishment but having frequently reddening and flush, It is a type reacting to the internal and external changes easily such as seeing capillary through the skin and flush around the cheeks.

Main features & Main reasons

It is a problematic skin type that the halves of modernners have. The biggest of this type is that it is in company with often changes such as redness and flush by small changes such as external temperature and humidity but does not feel any problem in appearance and function. This type has innately thin and delicate skin tissue and can be defined the type that skin barrier is weakened with deteriorated function in keratin layer compared to other types.

  • External environment problem(Air conditioning and heating)
  • Prolonged UV radiation exposure
  • Often physical act(Massage or washing face)
  • Application of wrong products which are not suitable for skin type
  • Loss of protective layer due to continuous loss of moisture and nourishment

Reading of sensitive skin

Visual diagnosis
[Examine by the eyes]
[Examine by the hands]
Questioning diagnosis
[Examine by interview]
  • Tissue is thin and smooth but a bit red.
  • Difficult to examine with eyes as it is not shown its problem visibly.
  • feel a capillary and darkness under the eyes.
  • Fine and smooth texture
  • Moist and supple feel
  • Warmer than normal type
  • Feel some keratin around chin
  • Continuous and often washing with hot water
  • Excessive skin treatment(more than 2 times a week)
  • Enjoy high functioning product which does not fit to age and skin type.
  • A lot of exposure to the outside, air conditioning and heating

Caring points in life

  • Application of soft washing with lukewarm water(Less than twice a day)
  • Basic skincare focused on soothing and moisturizing
  • Do not often wash and treatment
  • Abstain from air conditioning, heating and UV exposure

Essential beauty equipment for sensitive skin

  • High frequency(Direct way) : Called as a dry high frequency and is concerned in direct care for troubles