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Dry Skin

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Dry Skin

It is a standard type that is short-moisture and has low retaining ability of it if sufficient moisture is supplied. It can be a type of lowering in retaining moisture ability as it cannot deliver water’s own function to the skin. It is called as a dry skin.

Main features & Main reasons

It seems to be similar with basic aging skin but it is regardless of age but due to loss of moisture. So it is a representative features for this type such as rapid increase of droopiness, excessive pores and keratin. This type has low retaining moisture ability due to aged keratin layer even though sufficient nourishments are supplied.

  • External environment problem(Air conditioning and heating)
  • internal health problem(Simple disease such as flu)
  • Immoderate washing habit(Loss of protective layer on the surface)
  • Inordinate physical action(Excessive treatment)

Reading of dry skin

Visual diagnosis
[examine by the eyes]
[Examine by the hands]
Questioning diagnosis
[Examine by interview]
  • When it is severe, white keratin looks yellow and swollen
  • Difficult to examine with eyes as it is not shown its problem visibly
  • Feel dryness and roughness due to aged keratin
  • When it is severe, it is felt of droopiness on the tissue
  • Uneven surface with fine droopiness caused by lack of moisture
  • Take a medicine for a long time
  • Usually often washing and treatment
  • Enjoy high functioning product which does not fit to age and skin type
  • A lot of exposure to the outside, air conditioning and heating

Caring points in life

  • Do not often wash and treatment
  • Application of deep cleansing more than once a week(Refining keratin layer)
  • Forming a protective layer with a thorough basic skincare(Minimizing loss of moisture)
  • Intake 2 liters of water per day(Often drinking for prompt efficacy)

Essential beauty equipment for dry skin

  • Suction instrument : Help in promoting the rate of absorbing nutrients by refining the aged keratin on the surface without irritation.
  • Ultrasonic waves : Millions of vibration per a second helps in keeping moisture by softening the general surface