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Aging Skin-Natural Aging

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Aging Skin - Natural aging

Typical aging type that is caused by internal degradation and loss of nutrients rather than external elements and the process takes place generally to the body including skin as time goes by.

Main Features & Main reasons

It is a typical problem as one grows old and the aging process takes place to the whole body including skin, which is different from other skin problems. However, there are many cases that bring coloration by the degree of skin exposure to the outside. General health of skin is deteriorated and it is accompanied with various effects such as all sorts of blemishes, redness and enlarged pores. As it is difficult to restore, long-time treatment should be taken for a proper effect.

  • Aging
  • Loss and lack of nutrient : The representative reason of natural aging is increment of age which takes 90% of aging and the other reason is excessive loss of nutrients.

Reading of natural aging skin

Visual diagnosis
[Examine by the eyes]
[Examine by the hands]
Questioning diagnosis
[Examine by interview]
  • Look lifeless with generally low elasticity and droopy pores are conspicuous
  • Rough and brittle surface
  • No moisture and suppleness and bumpy surface around cheeks due to excess pores
  • Feel the unsmooth circulation due to old age(Spasm and benumbing)
  • Take medicine related to aging like antioxidant
  • Short lasting of efficacy after basic skincare and treatment

Caring points in life

  • Application of crossing wash with cold and warm water(Helping in promoting circulation)
  • Making elastic facial muscle with regular skin exercise
  • Positively use of basic skincare containing substances influencing to the aging directly such as Vitamin A and E(Help in keratin forming due to age and obstacle to circulation)
  • Applying massage such as relaxing massage and lymph drainage which can help for circulation under the skin(Once a week)

Essential beauty equipment for natural aging skin

  • MTS-Minute needle penetrates into the epidermal layer with a product to help in nourishing and skin health.
  • High-frequency instrument-Help to skin relaxation by penetration of substances through a special wave and heating.
  • Ultrasonic waves-Effective for shaping and drainage of waste of the aged skin with effective penetration of water-soluble substances through minute vibration.