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Acne Skin - Over Oily Type

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Acne skin

Typical trouble type that white pustules are formed by excessive sebum secretion influenced by androgen, the male sex hormone and gradually congested keratin layer on the entry of pores.

Main features & Main reasons

It is the type that is generated from men or adolescence. There is a theory that the direct reason is in the male sex hormone but it turns out that the reason can be found from the external factors and eating habit. It start from white sebum in the beginning of generation and later pus is filled in the inside of epidermis. When visibly big pustule is formed and it is server, uneven tuber and heating can be felt together.
It is a representative type which needs a professional trouble care and can be cared promptly continuous treatment for skin purification and sebum balance.

  • Excess sebum due to active male sex hormone
  • Closed pore entry(Symptom of unsmooth peeling of keratin in the entry of pore)
  • Change of hormone due to pregnancy or menstruation
  • Harmful environment(Excessive humidity, rising temperature, dirty surroundings etc)

Reading of acne skin(Over oily skin)

Visual diagnosis
[Examine by the eyes]
[Examine by the hands]
Questioning diagnosis
[Examine by interview]
  • Look red
  • Conspicuously enlarged pores
  • Look rough and uneven surface
  • Dark and uneven skin tone
  • Recognize greasy surface
  • Uneven surface
  • Much warm compared to the normal skin type due to suppuration and peculiar sensitivity
  • Accompanied with stickiness
  • Mainly found from less than 20's and easily found from adolescent boys and males
  • For women, mainly caused by menstruation and pregnancy

Caring points in life

  • Basic skincare for sebum balance(Twice a day)
  • Application of deep cleansing for removing sebum and refining aged keratin(Once a week)
  • Use water-soluble cosmetics and keep away oil-based cosmetics
  • improvement of unnecessary touch, unclean environment and wrong washing habit which promote multiplication of bacteria in pores

Essential beauty equipment for acne skin(Over oily type)

  • High frequency(Direct way) : Called as a dry high frequency and is concerned in direct care for troubles
  • Far infrared ray : Available to use with other treatment and help in soothing for troubles