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Oily Skin

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Oily Skin

It is a type with severe stickiness and glossiness by the male sex hormone and external factors. Also it has a merit to slow aging and rich tissues but easy to get skin troubles due to wrong living habit.

Main features & Main reasons

It is widely known to be generated by androgen, the male sex hormone but in fact, it is difficult to define that the male sex hormone is secreted to all people.
The more fundamental feature can be found in the unusual sensitive sebaceous glands which bring about easily stickiness and glossiness by small external influences such as temperature, humidity and cleanness.

  • Influence of the male sex hormone(Easily found from adolescence and males by creating androgen)
  • External humidity and environment(Easily increased sebum from sebaceous glands by external influence)
  • Dehydration(When skin dryness lasts, skin itself increases sebum secretion to form a protective layer)
  • Retention hyperkeratosis(The more invisible keratin layer is thick, the less sebum comes out)

Reading of oily skin

Visual diagnosis
[Examine by the eyes]
[Examine by the hand]
Questioning diagnosis
[Examine by interview]
  • Feel excessive glossiness
  • Look dark and thick skin tone
  • visible pores and uneven skin texture
  • Dard and unclear skin tone
  • Feel excessive stickiness
  • Thick skin texture and tight tissues
  • Feel uneven pore and skin texture
  • Strong feel of oily waste without roughness and brittleness
  • Feel dehydration after wash
  • Age range from late 10's to early 20's
  • Have experience to take medicine related to hormone
  • frequent troubles or experience to have troubles

Caring points in life

  • Thorough washing with a water-soluble product(More than twice a day)
  • Basic skincare for sebum balance(Twice a day)
  • Regular deep cleansing(Once a week)
  • Abstaining excess massage and high nutritive products(Promotion of sebaceous glands)
  • Control surroundings(Type that is very sensitive to humidity and temperature. Always keep the fresh environment)

Essential beauty equipment for oily skin

  • Suction instrument : Discharge the congested sebum and impurities in pores Frequently applied partially to the areas such as T zone where sebum secretion is brisk.
  • Skin scrubber : Aid in refining the aged keratin layer mildly when it is applied with a water-soluble substance.