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Acne Skin - Dehydration

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Acne Skin

Tiny, hard and white non-opening pustule type. It is the type does not induce pus due to internal loss of moisture and decreased sebum and moisture in keratin layer but it is difficult to decipher as pores are closed.

Main features & Main reasons

It is called as various names such as an adult trouble or petty trouble and has a unique feature that own moisture are lost by increasing heat inside of the skin.
The reason is greatly various but it is known that excessive oil is not a direct reason with the fact that it is frequently occurred to the adult skin which is exposed to harmful external environment. Normally the entry of pore is firmly closed and it is difficult to check with the naked eye.

  • Rising internal heat(Ascension of internal temperature due to various medicine and diseases)
  • Continuous exposure to air conditioning and heating(Acceleration of dehydration on the surface)
  • Closed pore entry(When pores are closed due to various impurities and abnormal keratin turnover)
  • Hypersensitivity of skin itself(When skin is hypersensitive, skin’s retaining ability of moisture is fallen.)

Reading of acne skin(Dehydration)

Visual diagnosis
[Examine by the eyes]
[Examine by the hands]
Questioning diagnosis
[Examine by interview]
  • Look smooth and soft skin texture
  • The surface looks white and tissue looks thin
  • As tissue is thin, darkness is accompanied
  • Feel a small and hard granule considerably
  • Generally distributed but a lot on the forehead
  • Non-smoothness and non-softness with dryness and dehydration
  • Feel tightness after wash for a long time
  • Frequently found from the late 20's
  • Often temporary hypersensitivity is felt
  • Had experience of taking a special medicine for a long time
  • Have a bad condition and often suffer from disease such as fatigue and flu

Caring points in life

  • Application of basic skincare for moisturizing and skin suppleness(Twice a day)
  • Abstain the skin from excess massage and treatment as it is possible to be hypersensitive.
  • Continuous application of mild deep cleansing for softening the entry of pore(Once a week)
  • Carefully check the circumstance(Air conditioning, heating and humidity)
  • Be circumspect in caring used unclean appliance or hands which cause inflammation with often touch.

Essential beauty equipment for acne skin(Dehydration)

  • Suction instrument : Help suppleness of hardened sebum by refining the aged keratin on the surface
  • Ultrasonic waves : Help in prompt drainage of hard sebum lump by softening it as minute heat is rising.