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Pigmentation Skin

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Pigmentation Skin

Dark blemished skin type by active composing of pigment cells located the bottom of epidermis caused by various external reason and internal loss of nutrient.

Main features & main reasons

It is the type that entire or partial color is darkened due to various internal and external reasons and it is mainly founded from the tender skin with lowered immunity. It is often in company with a little sensitivity. The process of aging is faster than normal type and intensive brightening care is required as it is irritated by internally and externally small influences and blemish can be darken and spread to other parts.

  • Inherited elements(Sensitization of melanin cells)
  • Prolonged UV radiation exposure(UVA)
  • Excessive treatment(Loss of skin protective layer)
  • Change of tone due to various wastes in the body(Induction of general uniqueness in color)

Reading of pigmentation skin

Visual diagnosis
[Examine by the eyes]
[Examine by the hands]
Questioning diagnosis
[Examine by interview]
  • Dark and dull cheek area
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Less progress of blemish on the chin area
  • Small pores and delicate texture
  • Tissue is thin and some keratin is felt
  • Feel droopiness and less elasticity
  • May be the period of pregnancy or menstruation
  • Take medicine related female sex hormone
  • React sensitively to UV radiation
  • Excessive skin treatment

Caring points in life

  • Application of sunscreen carefully
  • Abstain from excessive treatment which can give irritation to the skin usually
  • Application of basic skincare for brightening carefully
  • Check-up the direct elements internally and externally of promoting the generation of blemish

Essential beauty equipment for pigmentation skin

  • Vital lont : Instrument treatment delivering intensive efficacy to the skin through penetrating water-soluble substances
  • lonzyme : Treatment helping in absorbing rich nutrients by both electric current