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Aging Skin-Photo Aging

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Aging Skin- Photo aging

It is an aging type that is promptly progressed more than the original pattern due to UV radiation and decline of health. The feature is the forming of rough and hard keratin layer and if the aged keratin is not removed, the aging process is accelerated.

Main features & main reasons

Photo aging is the premature aging of the skin. Overexposure to the sun causes photo aging. As seen in the photos on this site, skin exposed to excessive UV radiation develops a leathery texture, wrinkles, skin folds, sagging skin, warty growths called Kerasotes, freckling, and a yellow discoloration due to abnormal elastic tissue. People with the greatest risk of developing photo aged skin are those with skin that is burned easily and who doesn’t than because they have less melanin in their skin. In other words, people with fair skin, hair or blue eyes are at increased risk of photo aging and ultimately, skin cancer.

  • Continuous taking alcohol, smoking and drinking(Generation of active oxygen in the skin
  • Excess washing and skin treatment(Incitement of excess aged keratin by retaining a protective layer)
  • Prolonged UV radiation exposure(Acceleration of aging by sun exposure which influences deep into the dermis)
  • Skin exposure to air conditioning and heating(Speeding up aging by deteriorating self-immunity)
  • Wrong use of cosmetics(Acceleration of excessive forming keratin and droopiness by inducing the damage of skin surface with unsuitable substances and feature to the skin)

Reading of photo aging skin

Visual diagnosis
[Examine by the eyes]
[Examine by the hands]
Questioning diagnosis
[Examine by interview]
  • Generally dark and uneven skin tone
  • Look rough and thick
  • Recogniz deep skin droopiness
  • Rough and brittle surface
  • Recognize dehydration and hardness
  • Lowering of soft skin feeling
  • Prolonged UV radiation exposure
  • Excessive physical irritation including washing with hot water
  • Long exposure to air condition and heating with high sensitivity in temperature and humidity
  • Processing of remedy for the endocrine system and taking medicine for a long time

Caring points in life

  • Application of sunscreen carefully(1hour before outing)
  • Washing with lukewarm or cold water(Twice a day)
  • Proper keratin removing and treatment(Once a week)
  • Retaining sleek and elastic skin by using like retinoid

Essential beauty equipment for photo aging skin

  • Peeling instrument-Offer the great efficacy in removing keratin by peel and suck the keratin layer with the inhalation of equipment.
  • High-frequency and ultrasonic instrument-Help to skin relaxation by penetration of substances through a special wave and heating.
  • Skin scrubber-Aid in refining the aged keratin layer mildly when it is applied with a water-soluble substance.